About Us

We are Ashley & David Vaughn. We are the musicians and bloggers known as Stardust Life. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making people happy by sharing our photos, perspectives, songs and artistry.

We truly believe in the words “never give up” on whatever matters the most in your life, being who you really are, and the journey of discovery that gets you there. Be positive in life, and be fearless. “Start living: one adventure at a time”

We were married in August of 2019 and currently live in Southern California. Together, we have always had passions for traveling, photography, writing, fashion and music. We have worked for several years on teaching ourselves photography and music production. Now we will travel this magical planet, looking to meet and live the Stardust Life with you. We can’t wait to share magical content, stories and songs along the way.

Cheers and love, Ashley and David aka Stardust Life


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