Life in the Time of Corona Virus

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Hello from quarantine. David and I are headed into our 3rd week of isolation, and this is the first time I felt that I can sit down at my computer and type out an update. First, let me start off by saying that we are extremely grateful for our current situation during all of this chaos and are very aware of how lucky we are. Checking the news daily for updates, it’s difficult not be disheartened by the news of people’s livelihoods basically being demolished over the course of a few weeks. While we have faced our own hurdles during the strict California quarantine, we will be ok. We are able to work on our craft, stay isolated in a safe place, and have access to food and important necessities that will see us through the near future. Our hearts go out to anyone who is struggling emotionally, physically, or financially. We will all get through this together. Don’t give up.

Here’s a little backstory on where we are in life right now. David and I sold our place in LA back in January and have been searching for the right place to live ever since. There were many ups and downs along that journey (even before the coronavirus crisis reached a paramount) that kept us in limbo up until now. The upside of that is we have the freedom and flexibility to be wherever we feel is the safest at the moment, but the downside is not having a real “home” or anchor during a tumultuous time where “home” seems to be the most important thing in society. Currently sequestered in a near-deserted hotel, David and I are experiencing something that we never have before and are trying to value every lesson that comes from this experience. David’s birthday was on March 16th, and we did our very best to celebrate in our room, just the two of us. Although our earlier, pre-virus birthday plans were much grander, we were thankful to be healthy and to be together. At the moment we are living our life in a small beach town in the OC: where even when all the beaches, parks, and restaurants are closed, the natural beauty is unparalleled. It’s a strange experience to walk alongside a gorgeous strip of beach, only to see a garish plastic orange fence along the perimeter holding steady as a barrier. More unsettling still is the multitude of signs warning to “KEEP 6 FEET APART” or “PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING”. Even though the information written on them is different, they remind me of the signs in the movie District 9, announcing where extra-terrestrials were and were not welcome. They appear alien in such a beautiful place. The world feels different now, like it may never return to the way it was before. Personally, I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not, but I keep hoping it is.

At the beginning of this year, when we first decided to leave LA, we had every intention of taking some time to travel and see a few places that have been on our bucket-list for some time. We were lucky enough to make it to Sarasota, Florida before travel became so dangerous during the pandemic. We treated the trip like a belated honeymoon, and plan on writing a separate post completely dedicated to our adventures there. The idea that it may be quite some time before we are able to safely travel again weighs heavy on our hearts, but we both understand that all the travel restrictions are in the world’s best interest. However, we keep our plans for future trips pinned to the mood boards in our minds, dreaming about future times when exploring new places is possible again. In the meantime, we plan to continue to use this platform for updates on our life and to document our reactions to this new lifestyle during “safer at home”. We are so lucky to have equipment with us that allows us to continue to work on music, for me to continue to document our journey on our different platforms, and to maintain our creative sanity while the world changes around us.

We wish with all our hearts that this update finds our readers safe, healthy, and positive. Though quarantine seems to drag on and on, it won’t last forever. As many people are exploring creative ways to express themselves and connect with others during this strange twilight of human interaction, we hope to embrace it as much as possible and reach out in any way that we can.

Cheers to a brighter future. —Ashley and David

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