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Hello and welcome to The Stardust Life blog. We are Ashley Vaughn and David Vaughn: musicians, travelers, and all-around creative spirits. Though you have arrived at the beginning of what we hope will be a very exciting new chapter of our lives, David and I have been having adventures together for nearly a decade. A little about us: David and I have been in the music industry together for nearly the entire life of our relationship so far. We started out composing New Age style instrumental music aimed at healing the mind and soul with a record titled The Healing Journey. The reception of this record was wonderful, and truly exceeded our expectations. To this day we are still proud of that record and the many people it has helped and touched. Despite The Healing Journey’s warm reception, we decided to pursue a career in the Pop genre of the industry. Singing and performing this style of music had always been our dream. The feeling of sharing something that you’ve created gives us a rush beyond belief. We’ve spent years building our catalogue of music, playing live shows, and working with others in the industry in order to create a career for ourselves. Our enthusiasm was (and still is) boundless. In all honesty, our deep love of music had us committed to struggling for as long as it took to become successful artists. Recently, however, life took an unexpected turn that shook the foundations of what we believed in and made us take a hard look at what we were doing with our lives.

To shorten a long and tangled story, David has been going through a very intense health situation for several months that has made both he and I think a lot about something which we hadn’t really before: our own mortality. Heavy as that sentiment may be, the product of this soul-searching led the both of us to emerge from it entirely fed up with the “wait and see” aspect of our lives. One of the things that we were sick of waiting to do someday was to see the world. We had put off travel of almost any kind while we were working tirelessly on our music, telling ourselves that we would have plenty of time to travel when we made it or when we were successful. While I don’t think there is anything deeply wrong with either one of those sentiments, we simply concluded that they no longer had a place in our lives. We realized that the life we wanted might never happen at all if we kept on waiting and waiting for the perfect conditions for us to stop surviving and start living. I’m sure that there are many people out there, maybe even you, who have come to a similar crossroads in life. I can only hope that just as many of you have made the same decision to stop waiting for life to happen to them and to just get the hell out there and get it. To clarify, David and I still are very much in love with music and fully intend to keep creating and sharing it with others. We are by no means subtracting anything from our lives, we’re just renovating our Modus Operandi.

And viola, we have come full circle to where we are now: The Stardust Life blog. The name might seem familiar to those of you who have followed us in the music industry, as Stardust Life is a name we have used for our artistic creations. It’s now grown into a term we’ve coined that stands for living the life you’ve always dreamed of: where you want to go, who you want to be and how you want to live. Living the Stardust Life.

Yet, it is much more to us than just a catchy phrase. We believe that all things in the world are made up of stardust, that everyone and everything share the same raw underlying components, and in that way all things are connected–a belief which is the cornerstone of our lives. On this platform we intend to chronicle the transition of our lives from surviving, to truly living. We finally will be pursuing the passions that we have put off for a long time including travel, photography, fashion, and exploration of art in its many different forms. We intend to see all the places of the world that we had always hoped to see, and many that we have probably never even heard of before. We intend to live in a way that makes us feel whole, to meet people, to taste new foods, learn different languages, and hear the music of hundreds of different countries around the world. We intend to inform and to entertain, and we hope you find our perspectives helpful in planning your own Stardust Life. We will be documenting, both visually and through the written word, all our adventures to come. We can’t wait to share it with you. So once again, welcome and thank you for joining us on this journey of potentially epic proportions. Only one question remains:
Wanna go for a ride?

–Ashley and David

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